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      ABOUT US

      Shijiazhuang City Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Xinsheng Chemical) is established in 1993 and with a floor area of 10,000 sq. meters including a construction area of 6,000 sq. meters. There are airport and national road near our company, guaranteed the convenient traffic. We take advantage of substantial technical force, abundant production experiences, superior laboratory equipment, and advanced chemical synthesis production line. Meanwhile, Xinsheng Chemical committed to the principles of strict material inspection, consistent production process, flexible business operation and a responsibility system for guaranteed product and service quality. 

      Xinsheng Chemical's products are well sold in China and abroad in the brand name of Meiyu. Its export products include mainly Zinc Phosphate series, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate series and Aluminum Phosphate series, which are widely used in anticorrosive paints of railway, automobile, ships and so on. Aiming at international markets, Xinsheng Chemical is conducting continuous innovation as well as management philosophy and business strategy upgrading for progressive development and growth.       

      Customer satifaction comes first.As a supplier of high-quality pigment.We support our customers anywhere where pigment are in use.

      Client: kansai paint   Goldenfish paint   Nippon paint


      Business Tenet: Assuring Quality, Valuing Reputation, Abiding Contract and Optimizing Service.  

      You are sincerely invited to Xinsheng Chemical for business cooperation. 

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